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At Always Summer Surf School, our roots are in Malibu and our hearts are in the ocean.

We are high level surf instructors, dedicated to sharing our passion for surfing and ocean knowledge with others. Surfing is not only our culture but a source of joy and healing for everyone. Join us and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Always Summer provides a personalized surfing experience. All lessons include equipment, a beginner-friendly location, and the option to surf at your favorite spot with expert coaching.

Students will learn: Surf etiquette, ocean safety, the pop-up, board control techniques, paddling, wave selection, and how to identify rip currents.

As a local business, we have surfed these waves for years and will get you dialed at your home break. Whether it be helping you paddle out for your first time, or positioning you at the right take off spot for the ride of your life. Our unique approach ensures to accelerate the learning process and put a smile on every surfers face. 

Malibu surfing classes


Malibu surf lessons

Aloha I’m Anthony Petro, professional surf instructor.

My passion for surfing led me to Hawaii after high school in 2009, where I pursued my love of the ocean while getting a college education.
I perfected my skills as a waterman on the island of O'ahu and taught surfing at iconic Waikiki Beach.

Six years later, I returned to California to manage a popular Malibu surf school. It was during this time, as I mastered my craft, that I recognized a growing demand for surf lessons, inspiring me to establish Always Summer.

Utilizing my expertise, my goal is to help you develop your surfing skills and build the foundation for an incredible surf journey.

Join me for the ultimate surfing experience.

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